February Evidence of Collaboration

After having such a busy couple of months which had absolutely nothing to do with my project, I finally got back on board. I didn't collaborate too much with people during January, however, the conversations I had were very motivating which was something I needed to get me back on track. 
I did catch up with Ceylan to touch base and regroup our thoughts/ideas. 
During February, it has been a mad chase to catch up on milestones, connect with people regarding my project, and even just accessing moral support to get me motivated again. We had a Project Group meeting online which I found really reassuring. Koron motivated me to get my collaboration evidence finalised and submitted so it is one less thing to worry about. She also motivated me to hurry up and complete my Critical Essay as this is something that can be completed way before its due date. These conversations with the group are very powerful. They may not have anything relating to my project, but they definitely motivate me t…

October Evidence of Collaboration

October was another busy month with collaboration among peers. It wasn't that I was busy with the Project Group, but more so with Ceylan regarding out Project. I was also busy with discussion regarding the website with my husband, Cory, who is my IT guru and go-to person.  Working with Cory has been really good. He knows what I want and what is needed. He also knows that we have limited to no budget for this project and therefore can point me in the right direction of platforms and hosts that would be best suited to our needs. 
My Project Group did meet this past month, and again it was great to hear where they are all up to regarding our assignments. It's always good to catch up as I feel this helps to keep me on track with what I am supposed to be doing. 

Project Team Meeting #3

Minutes for our third meeting are attached as well as a photo as evidence of it.

Minutes 13 February 2020

Journey reflection (half way mark)

It is easy to be passionate about something and want to put something in place to support that passion and/or need, but as a working professional and mother of 3, I have really struggled with carrying out the task and meeting the deadlines set. From the start, I knew this project was a big one - especially in comparison to other students in MCE and what they are working on. To be able to make a mark in society and help the children in my local area, first anyway, actually requires full attention. This is something I haven't been able to do. I am easily sidetracked by the goings-on at home, and at work, I love to take on responsibility and stay busy. 
I guess so far in this journey, the best part has been the documentation. My background is administration and I like to classify myself as a very organised and routined person. This makes the creation of documentation, recording, analysing, etc, my cup of tea. 
The part I have struggled the most is the inputting and compiling of lessons…

2020 Theory of Improvement and Implementation Plan

Upon review of the 2019 Theory of Improvement, I felt we didn't achieve as much as we possibly could have. But when looking through the 2019 Implementation Plan, the evidence suggests that with the timeframe we put on ourselves, we were never going to meet the end of year goals or outcomes.

Our biggest hurdle for 2019 was time. That is the time that other experts, agencies, organisations and colleagues have available to contribute to our research and product. With this said, I have tried to allow more time during 2020 to allow Stakeholders 1 and 2, as well as ourselves, more time to investigate, explore, and provide feedback about The Hub, therefore allowing us more time to make sure the product is viable and user-friendly. Again, these documents are 'works in progress' meaning they are ever-changing and adapting to the stage we are at.

We have had to be a bit more realistic with our time as we are both working full time in classrooms, and completing not only this project bu…

2019 Implementation Plan and Theory of Improvement end of year update

As the initial year for this project has come to an end, it is time to look back over the Implementation Plan, mark off what has been achieved, and start looking at the 2020 Implementation Plan.
A lot has been achieved in the short time working on The Hub during 2019, but not all Outcomes have been met. These will roll over to 2020 Outcomes. The Outcomes to be relooked at are:

- Target: Production - Collecting Level 2 Stakeholders voice about what type of resources they would like available
- Target: Stakeholders and Partnerships - all areas.

The main challenge working on this project is working in with other people's schedules. As we are needing to work with other professionals in the Education Sector, patience and understanding of time has been tested. This is one of the reasons the second Target hasn't really been started. We are relying on other experts within the CoL to support us with data, as well as having target teachers come on board. The end of the year is a busy time f…

Deliverable #2 - Anecdotal Notes: Website Design

16 January 2020:

The website has been designed to a very basic online design. I chose to use Google Sites as this platform is easy to navigate, easily accessible documents and attachments, and simple to use. At this stage, I have only a handful of resources in the teacher's section focussing on Geometry Level 3. The screenshots below are in order of accessing the lessons and the supporting resources. 

Cory has agreed to continue developing and changing the site to suit the users from feedback and as resources are added.